Month: February 2018

An Edible Discussion Event

What could possibly be better than finding out you get to hang out in the library and snack? If this is music to your ears (and taste buds), then you will certainly want to bring friends and family along to the upcoming An Edible Discussion event!

Oral Cancer: Prevent It!

Did you know that as oral cancer starts to develop, you may have no signs at all that it’s there? Did you know that once it progresses, it can include symptoms like tooth pain, a sore in the mouth, and more that you may confuse with other concerns? Rather than giving such a disease time… Read more »

Making Teeth Less Likely To Break

You may not realize that you are putting your smile in harm’s way sometimes. As a result, you might be more likely in certain moments to end up with broken teeth! Don’t want to break your teeth? This is a good perspective to have. However, as for how to guide your smile down the safest… Read more »

MTM Aligners: Does It Take Long?

One of the benefits you will learn about if you begin digging a bit deeper into what you can expect from MTM Aligners is that they may not require quite as much time as another system, such as traditional metal braces that include wires and brackets. Why is this the case, you ask yourself? How… Read more »

What We Wish You Knew About Dental Emergencies

When you require help with a dental emergency, we know that if you are like a lot of our patients, you have some mixed feelings about needing to come in. You may feel guilty. You may find that your emotions get the best of you. First, remember that your nervous system may kick into high… Read more »

Check Out The Greater Kansas City Home Show This March!

From Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25, area residents can explore the 70th annual Greater Kansas City Home Show! This three day event is geared towards homeowners with experience in remodeling and gardening, as well as those who are starting out. You will be able to talk with more than two hundred and fifty… Read more »

Missing Teeth Cause Teeth Pain

You may find yourself asking, “How can missing teeth cause teeth pain when some of my teeth are gone?” Well, let’s clarify: When you deal with tooth loss, the openings and change in your bite can actually cause remaining teeth to feel uncomfortable! As a result, replacing those that are gone actually becomes very important…. Read more »

Short-Term Remedies For Tooth Pain

When you find yourself suffering from tooth pain, the immediate focus of your attention includes finding a way to get the discomfort to stop. True, you can rely in part on over-the-counter pain relievers. However, what if you don’t want to take a pill? What if the pain doesn’t seem to warrant it? Or, what… Read more »

Dental Emergencies: 2 Things You’ve Just Got To Remember

We know that while you may be perfectly comfortable contacting us to set up your preventive visits, a filling, or something else, there’s something about dental emergency territory that can make you feel like a fish out of water. When a sudden need for our care makes an appearance, we hope you will remember a… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile: Everything You Need To Know

When your goal is to avoid problems with your smile, such as injury, discoloration, cavities, tooth pain, gingivitis, and more, you may worry you’re looking at quite a challenge. To the contrary, taking care to avoid all sorts of possible problems and mishaps actually requires some very simple action on your part. Once you’ve got… Read more »