Making Teeth Less Likely To Break

You may not realize that you are putting your smile in harm’s way sometimes. As a result, you might be more likely in certain moments to end up with broken teeth! Don’t want to break your teeth? This is a good perspective to have. However, as for how to guide your smile down the safest pathways possible, so they remain in one piece instead of damaged, you may feel like you’re not certain about what to do. No worries. We can offer you the direction you need lickety split.

Don’t Expose Them To Potential Impacts

There are some impacts you just won’t see coming. However, when you know you’ll be in the line of potential impacts, it’s a good idea to protect yourself. What do we mean? Well, you can avoid broken teeth by wearing a helmet when you’re on a bike. Or, you can wear a mouthguard when you’re on a team and you think you might catch an elbow, bat, ball, etc. Seemingly small steps toward avoiding damage can work wonders.

Remember That Dental Hygiene Keeps Teeth Strong

You may forget about the fact that keeping your smile healthy with dental hygiene and thoughtful choices at home will help you maintain strong enamel and healthy teeth. This is really as simple as avoiding too many acidic drinks, limiting sugar, and remembering to brush and floss like a pro! Strong, healthy teeth are less likely to break than those that are already weakened.

Don’t Overlook Care With Us

Dental hygiene isn’t all that you need for healthy, strong teeth. To avoid broken teeth, remain on top of your care with us, too. Prevention is extremely important. Restorative care is, too! If your tooth has a cavity that you haven’t treated, keep in mind that this makes that tooth far more likely to break!

Keep Teeth Safe With Our Care

Remember that our dental care, including preventive cleanings, checkups, and more will help you maintain healthy, structurally stable, and whole teeth! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.