MTM Aligners: Does It Take Long?

One of the benefits you will learn about if you begin digging a bit deeper into what you can expect from MTM Aligners is that they may not require quite as much time as another system, such as traditional metal braces that include wires and brackets. Why is this the case, you ask yourself? How long is it going to take to straighten out your smile if you’re focused on its cosmetic value (which is what this type of care treats)? Some guidance will help you gain a clearer picture of your potential treatment time and how to learn more.

It’s Quite Faster Than Braces

Let’s say you would require braces on your smile for about two years, even though you’re planning on focusing on addressing the esthetics of your smile (and you’re not necessarily in need of an overhaul for serious misalignment). This could potentially take about two years. However, if you were to choose MTM Aligners, your treatment time may be decreased down to as little as six months. They’re certainly worth finding out about if this sounds like it may work for you.

How To Get Answers For Your Smile

So, how to find out if you will need MTM Aligners for six months or a shorter or longer period of time? Since no two smiles are identical, you realize the course of treatment for your smile won’t necessarily be what it is for someone else. The only way to get the final range regarding treatment length is to schedule time to talk with us! We would love to see you, learn about your smile, and present you with a care plan that is specific to your particular needs. Schedule a consultation as soon as you are ready!

Set Up A Clear Aligner Consultation With Us!

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