What We Wish You Knew About Dental Emergencies

When you require help with a dental emergency, we know that if you are like a lot of our patients, you have some mixed feelings about needing to come in. You may feel guilty. You may find that your emotions get the best of you. First, remember that your nervous system may kick into high gear. Even if you’re not feeling too overly concerned, you may feel a bit trembly or you may cry. It’s okay! Consider some additional things we wish you knew about coming in for urgent care, so you feel better when “what if” questions pop into your mind.

We Are Happy To Help

We aren’t going to receive your call that you have a dental emergency with annoyance or a grouchy retort. We are going to be pleased that you took the initiative to contact us and tell us that you need help. Remember that when you treat problems as they occur, it makes your life easier and ours, too! We much prefer to repair urgent oral health concerns right when they need fixing. It’s far less complicated than trying to salvage a problem that has become extremely severe and that could have been quickly resolved, had you only come in sooner. Don’t ever hesitate to call when you need dental help!

You Don’t Need To Feel Upset

Of course, it’s not a happy moment when you break a tooth or when you’re in discomfort. However, remind yourself that you don’t need to give in to the feelings of upset that well up when you realize you are experiencing a dental emergency. Instead, remember to tap into the optimistic realization that you are going to quickly get back to feeling wonderful again. Our dental practice offers not only emergency care but also the comprehensive selection of treatments that you might need, so that we may fix whatever problem comes along.

Remember That We Are Here To Offer Urgent Dental Care

If you need urgent care for your smile, don’t forget that we offer it because we know that sometimes you just need it! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.