Oral Cancer: Prevent It!

Did you know that as oral cancer starts to develop, you may have no signs at all that it’s there? Did you know that once it progresses, it can include symptoms like tooth pain, a sore in the mouth, and more that you may confuse with other concerns? Rather than giving such a disease time to blossom and continue to affect your smile, we encourage every patient to receive oral cancer screenings in order to prevent the progression of the illness. Consider additional facts.

When Something Hurts Or Changes

If you have tooth pain, a sore, a change in sensations that include anything from discomfort to numbness, you notice a lump, your teeth feel loose, you see white or red patches, or anything else changes, you should come see us. Even if you feel worried about the potential outcome, we always do our best to remind patients that the longer you wait, the worse a problem may become. See our team. It may be one of many possible concerns. The only way to know and to treat it without giving it time to become more difficult to treat? Come see us.

Screenings During Checkups

Unless you have noticed that something is different with your oral health, such as tooth pain, and you’re seeing us to address symptoms, you may not recognize any changes. However, that doesn’t mean, as mentioned, that you don’t need a screening. We provide oral cancer screenings during your preventive checkups. Keep them scheduled every six months. That way, you find out extremely early if something has changed with the lining of your mouth and receive treatment fast.

Schedule Checkups To Protect Your Smile

Remember that protecting your smile is as easy as seeing our team for preventive care. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.