Protecting Your Smile: Everything You Need To Know

When your goal is to avoid problems with your smile, such as injury, discoloration, cavities, tooth pain, gingivitis, and more, you may worry you’re looking at quite a challenge. To the contrary, taking care to avoid all sorts of possible problems and mishaps actually requires some very simple action on your part. Once you’ve got the guidelines sorted out, you will notice you can easily begin to offer your smile exceptional protection with what feels like little effort.

Keep A Serious Schedule

If you’re going to protect yourself from tooth pain, a yellowed grin, and more, then you absolutely need to keep your dental care on a tight schedule. It’s easy to do. Just remember the following:

  • Home Care: You must brush your teeth in the morning and at night. You must also floss either in the morning or night along with your brushing. Don’t skip a beat!
  • Professional Care: We need to see your lovely smile every six months (that’s two times each year). Call us ahead of time, so you never miss your deadline.

If It Seems Risky, Don’t Do It

If you’re about to try out a stunt (like hopping on a skateboard), try to eat a particular food (though you worry it could crack your tooth), or any other risky business presents itself, just say no! When it seems risky, it’s not worth harming your oral health.

If Something Seems Off, Let Us Know

Does it seem like something is wrong with your smile? Do you have tooth pain? A weird sensation? A sore? Don’t wait it out. Call us and come right in for a checkup. Keeping up with changes means preventing damage.

Keep Your Smile Safe With Our Simple Guidelines

Don’t worry! It’s very easy to keep your smile healthy, safe, and sound with some very easy to follow recommendations from our team. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.