FAQs: When You Have A Toothache

What’s worse than having a toothache? From our experience with our patients, it’s wondering why you’re in pain and what to do about it. If you aren’t really certain about the first thing you should do or what to think about this particular type of oral health dilemma, we think you’ll find some serious relief with our FAQs. Consider the details and move forward to care for your tooth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do I have a toothache? Is it definitely because I have a cavity in my tooth?

Answer: It is very possible that you’re experiencing a cavity. It’s also possible that the pain is related to a medley of other contributing factors. The best and only way to find out for sure is to set up time for a dental appointment with our team.

Question: Should I just try to wait it out to see if things get better? What if it turns out it’s just some irritation that will resolve on its own and that I don’t even need an appointment?

Answer: You should never wait out pain, particularly if it’s persistent or intense. Even if your issue does not require professional care, we would rather see you! It’s better than finding out late in the game that something is wrong.

Question: Is it okay if I take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine to get the discomfort to go away?

Answer: Yes, while you’re waiting to come in for your dental visit to learn about the cause of your toothache (and a solution), you may deal with discomfort and inflammation with OTC pain relievers and by placing a cold pack over the affected area.

Call Us Immediately When You Get A Toothache

When a toothache shows up, don’t hesitate. Contact us right away to schedule a visit and we’ll take care of the situation without missing a beat. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.