Funny Flavors: My Taste Buds Are Betraying Me!

One day, you don’t have a care in the world when it comes to your tongue. The next day, you are completely certain something is very wrong with your taste buds because they don’t seem to be doing their job properly anymore. What should you do, you wonder, when the flavors of the foods you know and love are no longer what you expect? Why do your meals taste so different? Or, why don’t they really taste like anything at all? Relax, take a breather, and consider some common issues that may be affecting your senses.

Age Is A Factor

It’s true that you will not have as many taste buds when you are in your elder years when you compare what you had in your childhood years. It is possible that this will make it less simple to detect one flavor from another. However, this is not necessarily going to be a factor. Come see us to find out if the natural aging process is or is not an influence.

Saliva Is A Factor

Do you have enough saliva in your mouth? If you’re dealing with dry mouth, then you may be dealing with foods that don’t taste like much or that taste weird. Your saliva helps to break down food, which allows the flavors to be released and detected. If your mouth is dry, then this isn’t happening. Let us know if you think you require assistance with dry mouth, so we may help your taste buds work their magic.

Protect Your Taste Buds With Our Care

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