3 Less Obvious Reasons You Need Aligners

When it comes to the need for MTM aligners, you won’t be surprised to learn that you may need them if your smile developed in such a way that you’re dealing some of the following: Somewhat crooked teeth or a lack of symmetry. What if we told you, though, that there are some other common reasons you may be pleased to have access to aligner trays? Perhaps you fall under one of these categories! Find out more with a bit of new insight.

#1: It’s Due To Tooth Loss

One surprising reason the alignment of your smile may not be what it once was? Tooth loss. Whether it’s one tooth or multiple, this can have an effect on teeth positioning. The teeth that are still remaining when your other teeth go away will start to shift (generally toward the location of the opening or openings). The result? You may require MTM aligners, as well as replacements for missing teeth.

#2: You Didn’t Wear Your Retainers

Already had orthodontic work in your lifetime and now you’re wondering why your smile doesn’t look so aligned? After you receive this type of work, you will usually need to wear retainers for a while (often for many years) to keep teeth in place. If they have shifted as a result of having not worn your retainers, MTM aligners may help.

#3: You Don’t Require Traditional Braces

You may be surprised to learn that the reason we suggest MTM aligners for your smile is because you just don’t need traditional braces. Even though you may think your smile concerns may warrant more significant care, aligner trays can often provide greater benefits than you imagined possible.

Align Your Teeth For Beautiful Results With Our Care

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