Month: December 2019

Does The Idea Of Dental Work Make You Uncomfortable?

How can you make sure your smile is healthy when anxiety keeps you away from the dentist’s office? For many people, dental anxiety creates a serious obstacle between them and their best oral health. After all, it can be difficult to keep your smile in good condition when you are not attending regular dental exams… Read more »

Do You Have Concerns About Your Periodontal Health?

Is your periodontal health something you should be worried about? When an infection occurs, and it is not addressed in time, the harm to your oral health can be serious. People who develop advanced gum disease, known as periodontitis, are at risk for losing teeth, and their problem can make them more vulnerable to overall… Read more »

How Can I Tell If My Tooth Is Affected By A Cavity?

If you think something feels wrong with your tooth, you should take that concern seriously. A persistent toothache, or a sudden discomfort when exposed to hot or cold temperatures, can be a sign that you have a cavity that requires care. With that said, there are times when a person can have a cavity without… Read more »

These Tips Can Help Keep Your Smile White In 2020

What can you do to feel more confident in the new year? If you, like many people, have visible teeth stains that dull the brightness of your smile, a professional teeth whitening procedure can have a great effect on the way you look. Our Prairie Village, KS dental practice has helped many people take care… Read more »

3 Difficulties That Can Stem From Untreated Bruxism

How do you typically feel when you start your day? If you often wake up with a headache, if your jaw is often sore, or if you have pain or sensitivity in your teeth, you may be struggling with bruxism. A person who is dealing with bruxism will grind or clench their teeth throughout a… Read more »

What Will Your Cavity Treatment Experience Be Like?

If you are anxious about restorative dental treatment, the idea of your procedure can begin to feel intimidating or even overwhelming. Our Prairie Village, KS dental office is proud to provide modern, patient-friendly restorative care when patients come in for help with cavities. We can examine your tooth in order to determine what kind of… Read more »

3 Bad Oral Health Habits To Leave In 2019

If you are currently guilty of any bad oral health habits, you may not have experienced the consequence in the form of tooth decay or gum disease…yet. As time passes, you can face a heightened risk for problems as tartar forms on your teeth, and makes it harder for you to clear away the bacteria… Read more »

We Can Help You Show Off A Brighter, Whiter Smile In 2020

If you can greet 2020 with a brighter, whiter smile, you can have an easier time beginning the new year with an important confidence boost. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable with the way you look, the right cosmetic dental procedure can positively change the way people perceive you. While you can be… Read more »

How Can I Determine If Dental Veneers Are Right For Me?

Should you commit to a cosmetic dental procedure? For many people, cosmetic treatment effectively addresses problems with their appearance that affect their confidence, and the way they are perceived by others. If you have concerns about the quality of your teeth, you can find that treatment offers exciting improvements. What might surprise you is just… Read more »

Can Better Bite Function Improve Your Quality Of Life?

If you live with chronic pain in your face, jaw, or head, it might be time to have your bite function examined. People are sometimes surprised to discover that their bite function is flawed – what does it mean to bite and chew “improperly”? People who have poor dental alignment, those who tend to grind… Read more »