Oral Pain: Nothing Ever Works … Now What?

Have you been trying and trying to deal with tooth pain at home but nothing is working? Maybe you have tried to take over-the-counter pain relievers or even prescription strength and you find that you still deal with discomfort. Perhaps your dental hygiene is impeccable and you thought that this would make all the difference but it hasn’t. Let’s do a bit of investigative work that helps you see what’s what and why you may need more than just at-home efforts to protect your oral health and repair your smile concerns.

You May Need Help For Disease

You may have problems like tooth decay, an infection, broken teeth, stripped enamel, etc., that are continuing to cause you discomfort like tooth pain because the cause is not something that will heal or go away. Even when you’re practicing exceptional dental hygiene, if your smile is already dealing with disease, then you cannot reverse the issue alone. Instead, you will need to come in for our care. Thanks to restorative dentistry, we can fix your list of concerns, returning your daily life to the quality you miss so much, which includes a comfortable grin.

You May Need Help With Functional Problems

Your tooth pain and other types of oral discomfort may not come from your hygiene at all. Again, this is another time when brushing and flossing, though essential, cannot save the day. Instead, what you are facing may include problems with your supportive structures like joints, ligaments, and muscles. When you overwork, strain, or damage structures like your jaw joints (your TMJs), you’ll experience discomfort. When we address imbalances by fixing old dental work or replacing missing teeth, you get your comfort back. Or, when we protect you from TMJ disorder or bruxism with gentle treatment, you can heal and … you guessed it … get your comfort back!

Regain Oral Comfort With Our Care

Come in for the preventive or restorative care your smile needs, so you can regain comfort and enjoy a truly healthy smile. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.