Month: September 2019

Routine Dental Visits Keep Teeth And Gums Safe From Harm

While our Prairie Village, KS dental office is ready to help you recover your oral health from the effects of tooth decay or gum disease, our goal is the same as yours – we want to keep your smile out of trouble! When you visit our practice for routine dental cleanings and exams, we can… Read more »

Rely On A Dental Implant To Improve Your Bite Function

If you have given up on certain favorite foods because tooth loss has made them difficult to eat, you should know that modern prosthetic dental care can help. In order to more effectively restore your bite function while restoring your smile, our Prairie Village, KS dental office can recommend the placement of a dental implant… Read more »

3 Benefits You Can Enjoy By Promptly Addressing A Cavity

Motivating yourself to take care of a chore, or other less than exciting task, can sometimes be difficult. With that said, ignoring problems rarely removes them from your life…in fact, you could wind up with a more difficult task by putting something off! When it comes to tooth decay, you should seek the appropriate restorative… Read more »

Minimal Tooth Alteration Can Lead To Big Smile Improvements

If you want to show off significant smile improvements, you have to agree to significant dental work…or do you? At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we are proud to offer a variety of cosmetic dental procedures that can give you a welcome confidence boost. We have experience working with people who want to make… Read more »

Do I Have Time For Cosmetic Work Before The Holidays?

The holidays tend to create many opportunities to see friends and family, including some you may not see much of during the course of your year. Because of this, it is natural for people to put some thought into how they can look their best before events where they expect to catch up with others…. Read more »

Dental Bridges Close Frustrating Gaps Caused By Tooth Loss

A smile gap that occurs after you lose a tooth can be embarrassing, and a larger gap created by several missing teeth can be even more frustrating. At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we have experience helping patients restore their appearance with modern dental prosthetic appliances. With a dental bridge, we have the ability… Read more »

Did You Know That Periodontal Problems Can Cause Bad Breath?

There are instances where a person’s bad breath can have an obvious cause. For example, if you just finished a meal that was heavily garlic-flavored, you can be keenly aware that a mint might be appropriate. With that said, people sometimes find themselves struggling to cover up bad breath frequently, with no obvious reason why… Read more »

Follow These Tips To Keep Your Smile Clean And Healthy

When you are confident that your teeth are clean and healthy, you can be more confident in your appearance, and more eager to share your smile. When it comes to caring for your smile, you can count on important support during every routine dental exam at our Prairie Village, KS dental office. At each preventive… Read more »

Scheduling A Root Canal Procedure: What To Expect

Should you be worried about an upcoming root canal procedure? Obviously, you should try to avoid the problems that lead to any type of restorative dental work. With that said, people are often uncomfortable at the thought of what a root canal might involve, while being unaware of what the procedure really entails, and what… Read more »

Are You Tired Of Tolerating Your Teeth Stains? We Can Help!

Would you choose to live with unsightly teeth stains? The agents that gather on a person’s enamel, leading to a dull or discolored smile, can be unwelcome, but hard to actually remove. While your daily oral care habits allow you to remove stains that sit on the surface of teeth, you can find it difficult… Read more »