Routine Dental Visits Keep Teeth And Gums Safe From Harm

While our Prairie Village, KS dental office is ready to help you recover your oral health from the effects of tooth decay or gum disease, our goal is the same as yours – we want to keep your smile out of trouble! When you visit our practice for routine dental cleanings and exams, we can provide the kind of ongoing preventive care that can keep you free from threats like tooth decay and gum disease. Your exams allow us to look for any signs of trouble, and keep you updated about the overall quality of your oral health. During your dental cleanings, your hygienist can clear away any harmful agents found on your teeth, including tartar, which can resist your brushing and flossing efforts.

Your Routine Visit Provides You With A Professional Cleaning, And A Thorough Exam

In the course of a typical dental exam, your teeth will be carefully cleaned, and your dentist will make sure your smile is thoroughly studied. In order to study your smile effectively, we can rely on advanced imaging technology to spot signs of trouble that might elude the naked eye. You can also depend on your dentist’s years of experience as your teeth, your gums, and even your bite function are studied to see if something might be wrong. Your teeth cleaning is also a significant part of our commitment to keeping you safe against problems that require restorative dental work. Your hygienist can review and clean areas that are hard for you to reach, let you know if portions of your smile are not receiving enough attention, and make sure all tartar deposits are removed.

Your Cleaning Removes Harmful Plaque And Tartar Deposits

Plaque and tartar deposits that remain on your teeth can lead to problems with tooth decay and gum disease. When you brush and floss, you can clear away plaque buildup, and remove oral bacteria and food particles before this substance has the opportunity to form. You can also protect yourself against the formation of tartar, though you should be aware that if tartar has already formed, it can resist your daily care routine. Fortunately, your routine dental visit involves a cleaning that can take care of tartar deposits, and keep you safe.

A Routine Evaluation Can Identify A Problem Requiring Professional Treatment

In the course of evaluating your smile, your dentist can determine if you might need restorative dental work. Professional treatment is necessary when you have a cavity, even if it is still in its early stage of development. Recognizing decay at this stage can end in treatment with a dental filling. However, if the problem is too serious, a dental crown can be required. Our practice is also able to identify signs of TMJ dysfunction, and spot potential signs of oral cancer.

Schedule A Routine Dental Visit With Dr. Browne!

Dr. Browne is ready to help patients keep their teeth and gums healthy, so they avoid any need for restorative dental work! To learn more, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.