Month: July 2019

Performing A Root Canal To Care For An Injured Tooth

When you suffer a tooth injury, you may have more to worry about than just a noticeable chip or crack, or even the pain you feel. In cases where a tooth’s inner chamber, or pulp, is exposed or harmed during an injury, a person can develop a harmful infection. To deal with this matter, you… Read more »

Arranging Bonding And Contouring Work To Reshape A Tooth

One uneven tooth is enough to interfere with your appearance in a way that makes you self-conscious when you smile, speak, or do anything that might let people glimpse your flaw. While a conspicuous dental problem can make you uncomfortable with your appearance, you should know that cosmetic dental work can ensure that your problem… Read more »

Scheduling The Placement Of Your Lifelike Dental Filling

You may have a hard time feeling “relieved” when you learn you have a cavity, but you can appreciate when decay only calls for a dental filling. The placement of a dental filling is the most conservative option when it comes to restorative dental work. Your tooth structure surrounding your cavity will not be affected,… Read more »

Porcelain Veneers Can Help You Show Off Your Dream Smile

How close are you to showing off the smile of your dreams? For many people, the idea of a “dream smile” can seem out of reach, due to several flaws that hurt their confidence in the way they look. Even if all of these issues are minor, they may imagine that it will take significant… Read more »

Gum Contouring Can Offer Delightful Smile Improvements!

Finding the right path to your best smile is something your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help you with. For some people, the solution to their problems can be easy to identify. For instance, if you have problems with accumulated teeth stains, a professional whitening treatment is able to deliver meaningful improvements. With other issues,… Read more »

Our Practice Can Fully Resolve Your Cavity Troubles

Even patients who are well aware of the harm a cavity can do may find themselves in need of treatment for tooth decay. The problem is not something you want to take lightly – once a cavity forms, it will simply continue to grow and create problems until restorative dental treatment is provided. While you… Read more »

How Can I Improve My Daily Oral Health Routine?

In the days between every routine dental health checkup, you perform actions that can increase, or decrease, your likelihood of letting a cavity form. Unfortunately, many people who are sure that their oral care routine is an effective one arrive for their exam, and discover that they need a dental filling to restore a problem… Read more »

Restoring Your Oral Health To Address Your Bite Problems

It may not surprise you to hear that untreated oral health issues can have a negative effect on your bite function. When you change the way you bite to avoid a sensitive tooth, or when an issue like poor dental alignment affects the way you apply pressure when you bite, it can create ongoing problems… Read more »

How Professional Dental Cleanings Reduce Your Cavity Risk

An effective strategy for fighting the formation of cavities will allow you to preserve your oral health, maintain an attractive smile, and avoid appointments for restorative dental work. The actions you take each day with regards to maintaining your oral health play a big part in your risks for tooth decay. With thorough brushing and… Read more »

See Impressive Results From A Take-Home Whitening Kit

If you want to do something significant about cosmetic smile issues, you have to schedule an appointment with your dentist…right? There are certainly procedures that your Prairie Village, KS dentist can provide to boost your confidence in your appearance. After all, in addition to providing quality restorative dental work, we can give you great improvements… Read more »