How Can I Improve My Daily Oral Health Routine?

In the days between every routine dental health checkup, you perform actions that can increase, or decrease, your likelihood of letting a cavity form. Unfortunately, many people who are sure that their oral care routine is an effective one arrive for their exam, and discover that they need a dental filling to restore a problem tooth. How can you be certain that your visit to our Prairie Village, KS dental office will lead to good news? Paying attention to your brushing and flossing routines will be important, but remember that your behavior between daily cleanings is also significant. Too many unhealthy, sugar-heavy foods and drinks can lead to harmful tooth decay!

Tips For Better Brushing And Flossing

When you want to do an effective job of protecting your teeth and gums each day, make sure that you are consistent with both brushing and flossing. You should be brushing at least two times each day, and flossing should occur at least once. To make these habits even more beneficial, give them your full time and attention. People who feel confident because they brush and floss frequently can still have problems with cavities, and gum disease, as they rush through both, or fail to realize that they are consistently missing hard-to-reach areas.

Should You Make Changes To Your Diet To Protect Your Smile?

Will brushing and flossing be enough to keep you from problems that require dental fillings or dental crowns? They are important, but you can undermine their effectiveness when you make poor diet choices. If you like to consume sweets during snacks, if you tend to favor sugar-heavy breakfast items, or if you often drink soft drinks with meals, your exposure to sugar can lead to tooth decay. However, you can improve your ability to avoid trouble by maintaining a healthy, varied diet, and consume plenty of water.

Combining Daily Dental Care With Regular Checkups

A combination of smart daily care, and regular dental exams, can be important for anyone who wants to successfully avoid trouble with their oral health! At every appointment, your dentist looks closely to see if there might be any issues with your dental health. During these visits, you can also count on your professional cleaning to help you continue to remain free of problems. Unless you are told to follow a different schedule by your dentist, these visits should occur on a semiannual basis.

Dr. Browne Can Help You Maintain Good Oral Health

Are you doing enough to keep your smile in truly good health? At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, Dr. Browne can offer great support for your dental health, and provide tips on how you can improve your daily oral care routine! To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.