Month: March 2019

Your Dental Crown Can Improve Your Bite Function

Having difficult bite issues can create more than just discomfort while you try to eat. In addition to making meals and snacks less enjoyable, bite-related issues can wear on your jaw joints, and build to the point of causing you to experience frequent pain due to TMJ dysfunction. If your ability to bite and chew… Read more »

How Do I Know Veneers Can Help With My Smile Problems?

There are several cosmetic dental procedures that are available for patients who want to make real improvements to the way they look. One of the treatments available to you is the placement of porcelain veneers to hide different dental flaws that might be lowering the quality of your smile. How can you be sure that… Read more »

Your Dental Exams Protect You From Oral Health Complications

Are you likely to experience the effects of an advanced cavity in the near future? If you are not attending regular dental checkups, it can be hard to know just how healthy your smile is. In fact, you may not realize that a cavity has formed, and that you could experience the painful effects of… Read more »

Bring Your Family To Storytime In The Village This Summer!

Starting on Wednesday, May 1, families can enjoy Storytime In The Village at Prairie Village Shops! From May through August, the shops will host live readings of popular children’s books, with each event boasting a special guest host. This is a great outing for the family, and a nice way to break up a day… Read more »

Taking Patient Comfort Into Account During Dental Care

Your Prairie Village, KS dentist is committed to making sure any restorative dental treatment you receive will return your tooth to good condition. Thanks to the modern materials used to construct restorations, your treatment can also have a positive effect on your appearance. While the quality of care you receive is obviously important, there is… Read more »

Poor Flossing Habits Can Raise Your Risk For Smile Problems

If you want to keep your teeth and gums in great shape, you need to have an effective strategy for dealing with oral bacteria. By brushing thoroughly, you can remove those harmful bacteria, and prevent the development of plaque and tartar. With that said, keep in mind that brushing should only be one part of… Read more »

The Overland Park Farmers Market Returns On April 20!

On Saturday, April 20, the farmers market in Overland Park will start up for the new season! Each Saturday between this date and November 16, families can head to the farmers market to find fresh, tasty produce, and many more specially produced items. There will also be classes to attend, live music to enjoy, and… Read more »

Even A Minor Chip In Your Tooth Can Be A Major Smile Problem

A cut or bruise on your body should heal over time, so you will not have to worry about their long-term effects on how you look. Dental injuries create concern because damaged teeth stay damaged without treatment. This is why something like a minor chip in your tooth can be so consequential. Without proper treatment,… Read more »

What Happens To Your Tooth When You Have A Cavity?

If you understand how a cavity affects your tooth, and how harmful one can be if it is not treated, you can recognize the importance of promptly seeking care when decay affects you. One particularly frustrating element of tooth decay is that when you have a cavity, the damage you suffer is permanent. This does… Read more »

Find Great Deals At The Cabin Fever Book Sale March 21-23!

From Thursday, March 21 through Saturday, March 23, Johnson County’s Central Resource Library will host the Cabin Fever Book Sale! During these three days, an ongoing sales drive will make books, movies, albums, and puzzles available at low prices. You can stock up on entertainment during this event, as most of the items being held… Read more »