Your Dental Crown Can Improve Your Bite Function

Having difficult bite issues can create more than just discomfort while you try to eat. In addition to making meals and snacks less enjoyable, bite-related issues can wear on your jaw joints, and build to the point of causing you to experience frequent pain due to TMJ dysfunction. If your ability to bite and chew food has been affected by pain or sensitivity in a tooth, or in several teeth, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can provide modern restorative dental work to help you. You may need to receive a dental crown on a tooth that no longer serves you well when you bite down.

Lingering Tooth Problems Can Cause Problems For Your Dental Function

The evenness and consistency of your bite function can play a part in affecting your long-term oral health. When you try to work around dental pain, or if you just find it difficult to bite and chew with a certain side of your teeth, the adjustments you make can put strain on your jaw joints. Over time, the joints and muscles of your jaw can develop issues that cause regular pain. These issues are referred to as TMJ dysfunction. Your dentist is able to help alleviate your discomfort, but you should know that treating the matter before you develop more problems can help you avoid TMJ dysfunction.

A Dental Crown Provides You With A Supportive, Lifelike Restoration

Dental crowns are effectively able to do the job once done by a tooth that has been restored. If your tooth troubles are being caused by decay, your dentist will remove the cavity, and make sure your tooth is no longer experiencing problems. This may involve a root canal treatment, which protects your pulp. Once you are ready to receive a restoration, your dentist will take measurements to make sure your custom crown will fit. There are multiple material types available that can imitate your natural tooth structure.

Regular Dental Exams Keep You Informed About Oral Health Problems

Your dentist is able to recognize when a tooth’s condition might be a concern, either because of decay, or because of wear and tear. At every regular dental exam, you receive a careful inspection of your smile that can recognize problems. Catching trouble in an earlier stage helps you avoid those unpleasant experiences with dental sensitivity, and chronic pain from biting and chewing.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Receiving A Dental Crown For Your Problem Tooth

Dr. Browne is prepared to help you take care of a problem that affects the way you bite and chew! If you have problems because of damaged, decaying, or otherwise weakened teeth, you can schedule the appropriate restorative dental care. Our practice can also help you if you have an issue with TMJ dysfunction. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.