What Happens To Your Tooth When You Have A Cavity?

If you understand how a cavity affects your tooth, and how harmful one can be if it is not treated, you can recognize the importance of promptly seeking care when decay affects you. One particularly frustrating element of tooth decay is that when you have a cavity, the damage you suffer is permanent. This does not mean your tooth has to be permanently weakened – your Prairie Village, KS dentist can provide a quality restoration to support it. In addition to protecting your tooth from further harm, the right dental restoration can also preserve the way your tooth looked while in good health.

What Happens When Your Dentist Finds A Cavity?

After finding a cavity, and assessing how much damage it has done, your dentist will discuss the right approach to treatment. A larger cavity can require more involved care to make sure your tooth is truly healthy again. For cavities that are caught in earlier stages, you may be fine with the placement of a dental filling. A dental filling leaves your healthy tooth structure alone, and only occupies the space where decay occurred. The modern resin material used in treatment can bond with, and imitate, your enamel.

Ignoring A Cavity Can Lead To Problems

If you let a cavity continue to grow, it can create serious problems for you. If a cavity becomes severe enough to cause an internal infection, a root canal treatment will need to take place to restore your oral health. Once the root canal is performed, your dentist can properly restore the tooth with a dental crown. Ignoring a cavity past this stage can create even further troubles. Eventually, bacteria can leave your tooth through its roots, and travel to your jawbone. If a cavity becomes advanced enough, the only treatment option left can be the extraction of your tooth.

Avoid Complications With Tooth Decay By Attending Regular Dental Appointments

What can you do to make sure you have a cavity treated before complications start to affect your life? Make sure you keep up with regular dental exams, as these appointments involve careful reviews for tooth decay. Your dentist can closely study teeth, and recognize when treatment is needed, even if you have yet to feel painful symptoms from a cavity.

Talk To Dr. Browne If You Need Treatment For A Cavity

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