Month: January 2019

The Importance Of Avoiding Serious Periodontal Health Issues

Protecting your teeth and gums against problems can help you maintain your appearance, and sustain better overall health. Unfortunately, even people who regularly maintain good oral health habits can still find themselves in need of professional dental treatment. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can address matters with the proper restorative dental work when a cavity… Read more »

Check Out The Good Living KC Expo 2/1 and 2/2!

If you are a devoted fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to improve on their health, you can benefit from the Good Living KC Expo! During this two day event, you can check out informative and interactive spaces set up to help you better understand your health, and how to maintain it. This event is set… Read more »

Can An Unattractive Smile Make You Look Older Than You Are?

Is it possible for your smile to prematurely age you? You can find a remarkable variety of products promising to help your skin look its youngest, and you can dye gray hairs to limit the effects of aging on your appearance. It may not be something you think about, but your smile can make you… Read more »

See Art On Display At The Corinth Library In Prairie Village

Your Johnson County libraries offer more than just a place to check out books. Area libraries host art exhibits that take care to showcase local talent. The Corinth Library in Prairie Village is currently displaying the works of artist Kwanza Humphrey. Between now and Sunday, April 21, you can visit the library to explore a… Read more »

You Can Count On Prompt Care If You Suffer A Dental Injury

You can certainly feel some understandable concern about your smile after a dental injury. You may worry about the long-term effects of damage to a tooth, or what it will take to make sure the problem is promptly addressed. In the event you experience a dental injury, you can be relieved to know that your… Read more »

Check Out The Overland Park Boat Show Jan 24-27

From Thursday, January 24 through Sunday, January 27, the Overland Park Boat Show will welcome visitors to meet with vendors, and see boats of all kinds being sold. You can meet with vendors, and find great information about boats and boating accessories you might be interested in purchasing. A day on the lake can be… Read more »

Can Your Favorite Beverages Cause Trouble For Your Smile?

Certain beverage preferences can feel inseparable from your typical day. For instance, you might be at a loss to imagine your morning without a cup of coffee, or lunch without a soft drink. Many popular drinks can offer fun flavors, or an invigorating caffeine boost, but they can have less welcome effects on your smile…. Read more »

Recognizing Signs Of Gum Disease, And Treating The Problem

What should you be paying attention to when you take the time to clean your teeth each day? You might not realize it, but there are visible signs of gum disease you can identify. Looking for these issues is important – without timely treatment, the problem can worsen, and make your oral health more difficult… Read more »

Addressing Your Concerns About Stubborn Teeth Stains

When you successfully address accumulated teeth stains, you can show off a whiter smile, and experience a nice increase in your overall confidence. If you have attempted to make changes to your teeth in the past with store bought whitening agents, you may have come away with a feeling of disappointment due to a lack… Read more »

Avoid Damage By Talking To Your Dentist About Teeth Grinding

A tendency to grind your teeth is something you can do without meaning to – in fact, many people who deal with persistent bruxism do so unconsciously, while sleeping. This puts your smile at risk for damage, as you can press your teeth together with enough force to chip and crack them. In cases where… Read more »