Avoid Damage By Talking To Your Dentist About Teeth Grinding

A tendency to grind your teeth is something you can do without meaning to – in fact, many people who deal with persistent bruxism do so unconsciously, while sleeping. This puts your smile at risk for damage, as you can press your teeth together with enough force to chip and crack them. In cases where bruxism goes unaddressed for too long, patients can find themselves in need of restorative dental work! Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can talk to you about addressing the matter, and provide you with a special oral appliance that keeps your teeth safe.

Why Am I Grinding My Teeth So Often?

There is no single issue that causes a person to grind their teeth. With that said, the problem is often connected to larger problems with TMJ dysfunction, which affects your jaw and can cause difficulties. You could be grinding your teeth at night because of stress, due to crooked teeth, or because of a misaligned bite.

What Can I Do To Address The Problem?

If you want relief from the pain bruxism can cause, and if you want to avoid damage done by teeth grinding, speak with your dentist. Custom oral appliances can be crafted for people who exhibit signs of bruxism and TMJ dysfunction, which you can wear at night. When these appliances are in place, you can rest peacefully, and count on your teeth to remain safe through the night. A custom appliance can be easier to keep in place, and more comfortable than something you purchase from a store.

For Those Who Already Show Signs Of Dental Damage, Dental Care Can Help

If you take the signs of bruxism seriously, you can recognize when you have a problem before serious dental damage occurs. Let your dentist know if you frequently wake up feeling pain or sensitivity in your teeth, face, and jaw joints, or if your jaw feels particularly stiff on a recurring basis. If you have already experienced dental damage, your smile can be studied to determine the proper treatment. You may be able to have the problem addressed with cosmetic dental work, which can cover superficial problems. If a chipped or cracked tooth needs more care, your dentist may need to place a custom dental crown for support.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Your Issues With Teeth Grinding

Your teeth grinding problem is not something to ignore. Talk to Dr. Browne about this issue before it worsens – prompt treatment can spare you from problems with serious dental damage! Our Prairie Village, KS practice is ready to take on the needs of people in our community, and we gladly welcome patients from surrounding areas. To learn more or to schedule your visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.