Can Your Favorite Beverages Cause Trouble For Your Smile?

Certain beverage preferences can feel inseparable from your typical day. For instance, you might be at a loss to imagine your morning without a cup of coffee, or lunch without a soft drink. Many popular drinks can offer fun flavors, or an invigorating caffeine boost, but they can have less welcome effects on your smile. Overindulging with drinks that have dark or rich colors, or drinks that are high in sugar, can create problems for your smile. Fortunately, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help with cosmetic problems caused by discoloration, and any troubles you face from tooth decay.

Certain Drinks Can Put You At Risk For Cavities

When you consume anything high in sugar, you give harmful oral bacteria opportunities to feed on those sugars, too. As a result, they can produce the damaging acids that wear on your enamel, which can lead to cavities. Soft drinks and many brands of juice can have worrying amounts of sugar, but they are also a problem because they are acidic – acidic products can lower your defense against decay by softening your enamel.

Beverages Like Coffee, Tea, And Red Wine Can Lead To A Discolored Smile

Coffee, tea, and red wine can leave behind particles that stain your teeth, leaving your smile in a less than lovely state. Cutting back on these items can make it easier for you to avoid new stains. If you are worried that your teeth are going to look discolored permanently, speak with your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. You can be surprised by how professional agents are able to remove stains that products you purchase at a store tend to leave behind. Reducing your intake of dark and color-rich beverages can be important after undergoing a whitening treatment, or any other cosmetic treatment, if you want to prolong the results of your work.

Protect Your Smile By Drinking More Water

Water can have important benefits for anyone looking to keep their smile in great shape! If you think of water as a replacement for beverages like soft drinks and juices that might accompany your meals, you can reduce your average sugar intake. Water also helps you by washing away harmful food debris and bacteria on your enamel. Drinking more water throughout the day also helps you because you stay hydrated, which makes it easier for you to produce saliva, which helps you keep teeth clean.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Protecting Your Smile From Oral Health Threats

Making smarter choices when it comes to your typical food and drink options can be key in your fight to prevent cavities. Dr. Browne is ready to help you maintain a quality smile – our practice is ready to see people in and around Prairie Village, KS for preventive appointments, and for restorative and cosmetic procedures. To learn more, or to arrange your meeting with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.