Month: January 2018

Hey! Where Did My Tooth Pain Go?

One moment, you are dealing with excruciating tooth pain and the next, it seems that all is well and you’re in the clear. Where did the toothache go, you may wonder? Is this one of those instances in which it’s the calm before the storm and discomfort is coming back double? Or, did the problem… Read more »

Sudden Tooth Pain (And What To Do)

In many cases, when a toothache begins to develop, you will notice a bit of discomfort at first that continues to build. Or, a little bit of pain will come and go as the issue progresses. Then, of course, you may find yourself having a very different type of experience when you deal with the… Read more »

Popcorn Emergency: When A Healthy Snack Gets Stuck

One moment, you’re enjoying the always delicious snack of popcorn. You’re tossing the popped kernels into your mouth and are chomping away with a happy heart. What you don’t expect, of course, is to end up with the hull stuck between your teeth. This can present a sudden and uncomfortable problem that’s sometimes not quite… Read more »

Smile Trauma: Prevention And Care

When you think about dental emergencies and reasons you may come see us for emergency dental care, you may find yourself wondering if there’s something you could have done. You may wonder at the moment, as well, if perhaps you are overlooking instances in your daily life when smile trauma is highly possible but it’s… Read more »

Will MTM Aligners Be Comfortable?

When you’re investigating ways to align your smile, if MTM aligners are of interest to you, one of the things you will want to know more about is their comfort level. Are they going to feel comfortable when you place them in your mouth? How about as they shift your smile into alignment? Will that… Read more »

A Town Hall Meeting

An upcoming Town Hall Meeting in our community will provide interested community members with the chance to learn more about our youth and some common concerns that come up. Is there a way to detect problems like substance abuse or mental health concerns? What should a parent do? Find answers to these questions and more… Read more »

Don’t Want Stained Aligners? No Problem.

If you have MTM aligners or plan on it, you may wonder if they’re easy to keep clean. Sure, they are clear and barely visible in the beginning. However, does that feature last, you may be asking yourself? Or, do they cloud up or become yellowed, which would then defeat the impact of one’s ability… Read more »

Prevention: Detecting Issues Flying Under The Radar

There are those things that are quite obvious to you about your oral health. You are already aware that if you brush your teeth as we recommend and you follow through with flossing, you’re removing plaque. As a result, you’re doing an excellent job at preventing decay and gum disease. When you see us for… Read more »

Tooth Loss: 3 Things You May Not Realize

Tooth loss isn’t something that you want to experience or that you necessarily want to treat. However, if it does affect you, then treating is by far your best response. Figuring that if you ever lose a tooth, you’ll just do your best to pretend the problem isn’t there? We think you may want to… Read more »

KC Restaurant Week

Do you often talk with your bestie or your love about trying out the restaurants around town? Have you ever considered heading out on a restaurant marathon to try the most mouth-watering of them all but the idea of spending money on a three-course meal here and a two-course brunch there is out of the… Read more »