Prevention: Detecting Issues Flying Under The Radar

There are those things that are quite obvious to you about your oral health. You are already aware that if you brush your teeth as we recommend and you follow through with flossing, you’re removing plaque. As a result, you’re doing an excellent job at preventing decay and gum disease. When you see us for cleanings, we further this effort, so you can avoid hygiene-related issues like a champion! However, you might not know at the moment that our preventive care that we provide also helps you prevent or treat early some issues that can easily fly under the radar. This is one of the reasons checkups are so important. Find out what we are talking about, so you feel even more confident about your efforts in scheduling professional dental visits.

Oral Cancer

What you might not know that you need to know is that oral cancer is not something you will notice at the onset. It’s something that can begin silently and can even progress silently. When you detect a change, it might be at a point that is more difficult to treat. This is when preventive care comes into the picture. Oral cancers screenings are an essential part of your checkups. Advanced technology means detecting the earliest changes when treatment has a very high rate of success.

Bruxism and TMJ Disorder

Another type of oral health concern that can slip past you, though it’s already begun developing? Functional disorders. They may include bruxism or TMJ disorder. Bruxism includes teeth grinding or the clenching of teeth. TMJ disorder (TMD) primarily centers on damaged jaw joints or those functioning beneath full potential. We can detect them (and treat them) before you notice a change, thanks to preventive care.

See Us For Preventive Care Consistently

Protect all aspects of your oral health by seeing us for your preventive care two times every year, once every six months. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.