Popcorn Emergency: When A Healthy Snack Gets Stuck

One moment, you’re enjoying the always delicious snack of popcorn. You’re tossing the popped kernels into your mouth and are chomping away with a happy heart. What you don’t expect, of course, is to end up with the hull stuck between your teeth. This can present a sudden and uncomfortable problem that’s sometimes not quite as easy to fix as one might assume. Now what? Well, before you decide it is or is not a dental emergency, walk yourself through some easy steps (then call us!).

Brush Your Smile

If you get a popcorn hull stuck against a tooth, then the best place to begin is to brush your teeth. It’s not a dental emergency just yet! However, rather than simply brushing without looking, we encourage you to carefully use your toothbrush to attempt to sweep the debris out from its resting space!

Floss Carefully

Now, whether you have popcorn stuck between or against teeth, floss can be your best friend. Gently and carefully position it between teeth at your gumline. Then, apply a bit of pressure and drag it upward, attempting to dislodge the debris. Try this a couple times but don’t overdo it.

Swish With Passion!

And one last attempt at getting that popcorn unstuck! Rinsing with water with some serious passion can create enough movement to dislodge the food and it won’t harm your smile.

Call Us Up

Tried everything but that delicious popcorn is still stuck? True, you’ve not broken a tooth but you’re a bit stuck (and you need the food removed for proper dental hygiene to take place). This calls for a visit for your dental emergency. Give us a ring, so we may schedule an appointment!

Remember We Are Here For Every Urgent Need

Whether you broke a tooth or you have popcorn stuck between your teeth, we offer the emergency dental care you need. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.