Don’t Want Stained Aligners? No Problem.

If you have MTM aligners or plan on it, you may wonder if they’re easy to keep clean. Sure, they are clear and barely visible in the beginning. However, does that feature last, you may be asking yourself? Or, do they cloud up or become yellowed, which would then defeat the impact of one’s ability to hide their treatment? The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to maintain the clarity of your clear aligners, so you make it through treatment without people catching on. Find out how!

Keep Them Clean

If you don’t want to place your MTM aligners in only to discover that they’re not clean any longer, then simply keep them clean. It may sound like a very easy thing to do and remember but it’s often just as easy to say, “I’m too tired to clean them just this one time,” which can become a bit of a trend.

Don’t Eat With Your Trays

Don’t eat when you’re wearing your MTM aligners. You have heard this before but you may not recognize that the suggestion is in place for multiple reasons. First, of course, this can wear down, abrade, or cut your aligner, which makes it less effective. Then, there’s the detail of discoloration: The foods you’re eating can stain the aligner, leaving it cloudy, yellowed, or otherwise, instead of clear.

Don’t Drink With Them Either (Ever)

With the exception of water (that is not hot), don’t ever drink when you’re wearing your MTM aligners. Not soda, coffee, juice, or anything else (even if it’s clear). If you want to protect them and keep them safe and clear, they must always come out first before you sip.

Gather Aligner Care Tips With Us

All you need when it comes to learning how to protect your clear aligners is to speak with us and to follow our guidelines! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.