Month: December 2017

Is There A Gardener Inside of You?

Do you have a green thumb itching to spring into action? Are you willing to maintain organic principals when you garden? Would you like to meet new friends, and celebrate with a Summer Solstice potluck and a tomato tasting? If you answered yes to any (or all) of those questions, consider signing up and tilling… Read more »

Is Your Toothpaste Annoying You?

In the scope of things, toothpaste troubles can seem petty to complain about. On the other hand, you have to deal with it at least twice a day, when you brush your teeth clean of food particles. There was a time when toothpaste choices were few, and people received dental checkups and cleanings that included bad… Read more »

Capture Your Brightest Selfie Smile

Did Santa leave a new cell phone under the tree? How about an iPad or a digital camera? There is no shortage of photo technology, whether out with friends, or taking selfies just for fun. If you are ducking out of photo opportunities because of your smile, it’s time to have a frank talk with… Read more »

How To Promote A Good Mistletoe Experience

If you’re dreading accidentally ending up under the mistletoe at a party this year because you’re pretty sure your bad breath is going to ruin the experience, we are here to help you sort through this conundrum. Perhaps there is something you can do to ensure you’re all ready to pucker up should the occasion… Read more »

Things Your Smile Always Needs

You know on a fundamental level that when you take good care of something, it stays safe and in one piece. When you neglect it, that’s when the damage is more likely to occur over time. This is true for your smile. When you provide it the daily care (and long-term care from our practice)… Read more »

Smile Pain And Your Hygiene

Do you find that your main source of smile pain is your dental hygiene? If this is the case, then you’re probably feeling a bit flummoxed at the moment. Is this normal? Is it a sign that you’re doing quite a wonderful, thorough job? Or, perhaps, you should realize that this means you’re absolutely off-track… Read more »

See The Nutcracker!

Have you ever participated in the time-honored holiday tradition of seeing the beautiful ballet The Nutcracker performed before your very eyes by exceptional dancers? If the answer is yes, then you are probably interested in repeating this experience. If not, then there’s no time like the present to get started! Make time for The Moscow… Read more »

Holiday Quiz: Hazards You Can Avoid!

Sometimes, when you’re having a lot of fun and get swept up in the holiday spirit, it’s easy to feel like a kid again. You might even feel you need someone to remind you to brush your teeth before you go to bed (and to get to bed nice and early, etc.). However, when you’re… Read more »

Adult Orthodontics Q&A: Addressing Your Concerns!

Is there a bit of a tug-of-war happening in your thoughts lately? Do you wish for a straight smile but you aren’t certain about what adult orthodontics might offer you (or if you’re even a candidate at all)? When you want to learn more but you’re worried that your hopes will be dashed, we always… Read more »

Tooth Pains: Will They Always Happen?

When you experience a toothache, you resolve the issue by coming in for treatment, and you go home, you hope that’s the end of any type of tooth pain. However, perhaps you experience another problem with discomfort, you see us again for restorative care, and you return home. What you’d like is to avoid this… Read more »