Things Your Smile Always Needs

You know on a fundamental level that when you take good care of something, it stays safe and in one piece. When you neglect it, that’s when the damage is more likely to occur over time. This is true for your smile. When you provide it the daily care (and long-term care from our practice) that it needs, your oral health isn’t something you need to worry over much. When you’re not on top of those details, there’s more room for problems to develop. So, what does your smile need, so you may avoid tooth pain, damage, and more?


Your smile needs brushing every day to protect your oral health. It needs it without fail. You need to brush for the rest of your life! When you brush two times daily, you are doing yourself an exceptional service. Did you know that plaque is sticky but you can brush it away? However, when you don’t, it becomes extremely hard? You don’t want it to harden. This is called tartar and it’s not something that is easily removed (we’ll have to do it for you). Skip problems like cavities and tooth pain. Instead, brush twice a day.


Surprise! You really do need to floss if you want wonderful oral health, you’re not interested in problems like tooth pain, and you want a comfortable, nice-smelling smile. The plaque we mentioned (and leftover food) can easily become trapped in the very small spaces between teeth. They may accumulate beneath your gum tissue, too. Flossing is all you need to add to the list, just one time every day, to keep this under control.

Preventive Care

Cleanings and checkups at our practice: You need them! One time, every six months. Easy as can be!

Avoid Tooth Pain And Keep Your Smile Safe

Ask us about preventive care, hygiene, visits, and more, so you remain on top of the details that lead to healthy teeth and gums. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.