How To Promote A Good Mistletoe Experience

If you’re dreading accidentally ending up under the mistletoe at a party this year because you’re pretty sure your bad breath is going to ruin the experience, we are here to help you sort through this conundrum. Perhaps there is something you can do to ensure you’re all ready to pucker up should the occasion call for it! Whatever the case, you are certainly not the first to worry about this. We’ll guide you through the pathways toward figuring out just how to plan.

Brush Before Your Party!

In most cases, all you need to do to be prepared for your mistletoe experience is to brush those teeth of yours (flossing doesn’t hurt either) before your party. You might even want to bring your brush and floss with you, if you plan on having a meal or snack. Remember, in addition to plaque, leftover food can linger and cause odors. Dental hygiene is very often all you need to get bad breath to go bye-bye.

Bring Sugarless Gum

If you can’t help yourself and know you’ll be eating onions, garlic, etc., then bring a pack of sugarless gum with you. Chew after your meal, so you cover up any unfortunate odors.

Skip It, Prepare For Next Year

Have a problem that brushing before your party (or during your party) and bringing along sugarless gum won’t fix? Well, then. You may be dealing with some serious bad breath. In this case, you just might want to steer clear of the mistletoe this year and, instead, take some time out to contact our team. It could have something to do with periodontal issues, untreated decay, or even dry mouth or tartar. We’ll uncover the issue causing your dilemma and explain how we can help you make it go away. Next year: You’ll be mistletoe ready!

Treat Breath Soon For A Nicer Smelling Smile

Come talk with us about your smile care solutions for your breath, so you can feel confident again! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.