Tooth Pains: Will They Always Happen?

When you experience a toothache, you resolve the issue by coming in for treatment, and you go home, you hope that’s the end of any type of tooth pain. However, perhaps you experience another problem with discomfort, you see us again for restorative care, and you return home. What you’d like is to avoid this issue from happening again. However, if you’re feeling like your efforts are not guiding you toward successful results, you may need a quick refresher. We can help you maintain a clean, healthy, comfortable grin!

Why Cleanings Are Important

If you are tired of dealing with toothaches, we encourage you to remember that your dental cleanings with us are so very important. Here’s what you might be missing and why you might end up with decay, etc.: We get rid of the stuff you leave behind. Of course, you may think that your expert-level brushing and flossing leaves teeth immaculate. It doesn’t! There are still traces of bacteria and plaque. Let us get rid of them, so you can avoid oral health problems.

How Home Care Contributes

Now, you know it doesn’t do everything but your home care does provide the bulk of your protection against diseases like decay that leads to toothaches. So, keep it up. Don’t just rely on cleanings. Don’t assume, either, that you can do just an “okay” job and see results. You need to practice excellent care for teeth to remain healthy and free of damage.

What Checkups Do For You

Don’t assume you don’t need checkups. You really do. We detect problems that can lead to toothaches (and we can treat them) before they ever have the chance to cause you pain!

Learn More From Us About Prevention

Find out all about how prevention can help you prevent problems like decay and the pain, such as toothaches, that comes with it. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.