Month: November 2017

Tooth Pain: Why So Sensitive (And What To Do)?

Are you finding that you’re experiencing some serious sensitivity that seems to have come out of nowhere? Or, do you notice that you have sensitivity that comes and goes but when it does show up, it really is quite uncomfortable? Whatever type of discomfort you are experiencing dental sensitivity is something that you should take… Read more »

(Not So) Embarrassing Emergency Needs

You might be like many other patients who feel too embarrassed to call us for emergency dental care in certain situations. You may feel silly requiring emergency attention when it seems like the issue is minor. The truth is, these types of problems can lead to injury and further damage if you ignore them or… Read more »

Quiz: Keeping Your Whitened Smile White!

Do you want to keep your smile just a bright and shimmering as it is now? Are you not sure how to accomplish this after you receive a treatment for teeth whitening? If you’re a little unsure about the best way to proceed, shrug off those concerns and rely on us! We will guide you… Read more »

Toothaches: Don’t Jump To Conclusions!

If you jump to the conclusion that something is very wrong with your tooth and that it’s going to be a very big deal, you’re going to upset yourself. There’s no need for that! When you deal with a toothache, even if you require restorative care, everything will be just fine. Of course, remaining calm… Read more »

Ultrasonic Deep Cleanings: What and Why?

It would be nice if every dental visit resulted in a perfect, clean bill of oral health, but sometimes your dentist may discover a problem. When problems are addressed early, there are usually more options and less expense in treating them. If you habitually neglect a daily routine of brushing and flossing, then you may… Read more »

Christmas Bazaar

Have you spent so much time focused on Thanksgiving that you realize you’re going to have to sharpen your focus and get serious about your holiday gift shopping very soon? If so, you might want to remember to stop by the Christmas Bazaar for some exciting gift-giving options.

3 Complications Of Broken Teeth

When you deal with broken teeth, you’re experiencing something much more serious than an annoying inconvenience. Remember that your teeth are alive and that they’re part of a much larger framework that provides you with necessary daily functions. When one or more becomes severely injured, it can have a localized and widespread effect on your… Read more »

MTM Aligners: The Major Details You Need

As you may have noticed, if you’ve been looking around for an orthodontic treatment that can address your mild alignment concerns, there are a lot of treatments out there! How to figure out which one to choose? When you visit our practice, you will find that we offer MTM Aligners. However, if you’ve never heard… Read more »

Are You Ready For Dental Emergencies?

Are you ready for dental emergencies? Of course, you’re likely not chomping at the bit and “ready” like you might say you’re “so ready for that upcoming party” or “very ready for a new wardrobe.” What we mean here is, are you prepared for handling an urgent dental problem, should one occur? If you’re not… Read more »

Holiday Open House

What’s better than the food, the twinkling lights, the wish lists, and the cozy songs that show up when the holidays come around? The shopping! You absolutely will not want to forget about the Holiday Open House coming up in our town.