(Not So) Embarrassing Emergency Needs

You might be like many other patients who feel too embarrassed to call us for emergency dental care in certain situations. You may feel silly requiring emergency attention when it seems like the issue is minor. The truth is, these types of problems can lead to injury and further damage if you ignore them or if you try to take care of them on your own. Let’s review some examples!

Stuck Food!

We aren’t kidding. If you get food stuck between teeth, or a piece of dental floss, or anything else for that matter, you can try to remove the material by flossing as you usually would. Sometimes, it can also be helpful for you to rinse. What isn’t a good idea, however, is going any further than that. If it’s just not budging, it’s time to let us know you require emergency dental care!

You Cut Your Own Mouth

So, you cut your mouth! It’s okay. It happens. Assuming it was a small incision or abrasion (if not and you experience blood loss, head to your emergency room for immediate medical assistance), we can help. Call us up if you think it’s more than applying pressure and keeping the area clean will address.

It’s A Bad Canker Sore

Do you have a canker sore that seemed normal at first but is starting to worry you? Don’t ignore it. Don’t feel embarrassed either. It’s much safer to contact us for emergency dental care than to cross your fingers and just hope for the best.

You Broke A Prosthetic

Did you break your bridge, denture, dental crown, etc.? Don’t try to make the best of it. You need a complete, healthy smile for daily function. Contact us, so we can set up a same-day visit!

Don’t Hesitate When You Need Emergency Smile Help

Even if it seems like a minor concern, remember that when you simply need help with your smile and you need it immediately, it’s time to contact us for emergency dental care. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.