3 Complications Of Broken Teeth

When you deal with broken teeth, you’re experiencing something much more serious than an annoying inconvenience. Remember that your teeth are alive and that they’re part of a much larger framework that provides you with necessary daily functions. When one or more becomes severely injured, it can have a localized and widespread effect on your oral health. Protect your smile by addressing damage right away with our restorative care.

#1: Possible Infection

Did you know that a broken tooth is more than just tissue with jagged edges? Yep. The interior part of your tooth that was once completely protected by its outer shield (a layer called enamel) is now revealed. Bacteria can stroll on in and cause an infection! If you take care of the tooth immediately, this isn’t likely.

#2: Bite Problems

When your once-whole tooth is suddenly half a tooth, the balance of your bite is going to change. This will bleed into many areas of your life, from your usually comfortable chewing to your ability to pronounce words a particular way. In addition, when your bite isn’t right, the issue can lead to further complications in the form of functional problems like TMJ disorder! Treat the broken teeth, so your smile remains comfortable and healthy.

#3: The Need For Removal

If you have a broken tooth, that tooth might not have enough tissue left for us to fix it. We will always strive to save your tooth but if we cannot, you will require the removal of that tooth. Now, if you break your tooth and it’s not bad yet, you should avoid permitting further damage. Why? Well, because it may require an extraction if it breaks further! Seek treatment ASAP to protect teeth.

Treat Broken Teeth ASAP To Avoid Losing Them

Remember that we offer treatments to repair your seriously damaged teeth, so you can enjoy a whole, healthy smile, without dealing with tooth loss. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.