Month: September 2017

Fluorosis: Does This Mean No More Fluoride?

You may have a friend who recently planted a figurative seed in your mind. The discussion might have gone a little something like this: “Did you know that if you use too much fluoride you can end up with a serious disorder called fluorosis?” to which you may have responded, “What? Oh my goodness! Should… Read more »

Tree Board: Annual Fall Seminar

The Prairie Village Tree Board exists in order to keep our community’s trees healthy, beautiful, and safe. You may be a bit familiar with them if you have ever attended our Arbor Day Events! For autumn, you are invited to the Annual Fall Seminar, which may prove particularly helpful if you care for trees surrounding… Read more »

Dental Hygiene Quiz: What’s Getting In The Way?

Are you having one of those experiences in which you think you’re doing a pretty impressive job with your dental hygiene efforts but for some reason, all of that work doesn’t seem to be paying off? If so, trust us: You are not the first person to feel this way. While you just might be… Read more »

Dental Implants: 3 Ways To Protect Them

So, you have dental implants and you feel so happy that you decided on this type of replacement for your missing teeth. However, along with that sense of security comes a new form of anxiety you never expected: You feel very concerned about ensuring you’re protecting them, so they can last forever. You will be… Read more »

Smile Care Review: Weird Things Explained

Sometimes, there are things that happen with your smile that you don’t find too shocking. For instance, you are likely already familiar with cavities. If your tooth hurts, you come in, we tell you it’s decay and that you need a filling, and this is not unusual in the least. However, what about those things… Read more »

Help! My Teeth Look Too Long!

When your teeth look too long, it’s not something that makes you feel overly excited to share your smile with the world. Instead, you might feel the urge to try to cover your smile up while you speak, eat, laugh, etc. This can seem like it will work for a while but hiding this very… Read more »

The Greater Kansas City Superhero Walk With Us To Cure Lupus

Are you always ready to lace up your walking shoes for a good cause? If so, you may need to stretch those legs and get ready for the Walk to Cure Lupus! It’s happening soon, so call up your friends and write down the date in your planner.

How Does Cosmetic Care Look So Natural?

When you reach a point with your smile when you realize you’re ready for cosmetic care, one of the biggest concerns you have is ending up with a stunning, beautiful smile … that looks real. Many patients share with us a fear that their smiles will be attractive but that they will also appear artificial,… Read more »

Let’s Talk About: Dry Mouth Basics

You may have heard the term dry mouth before but if you have never experienced it, the disorder may not have been something you gathered many details about. When you find that your daily experience does include a very dried-out sensation in your mouth that makes it feel a bit like it’s stuffed with cotton,… Read more »

Should I Come In For Bonding?

It can be very easy to feel uncertain about how to proceed with your smile when you’re experiencing very little, tiny esthetic problems that you can see but that don’t seem glaringly obvious. You may worry that you’re being silly and that you should just get used to the problem. You might wonder if you… Read more »