Fluorosis: Does This Mean No More Fluoride?

You may have a friend who recently planted a figurative seed in your mind. The discussion might have gone a little something like this: “Did you know that if you use too much fluoride you can end up with a serious disorder called fluorosis?” to which you may have responded, “What? Oh my goodness! Should I stop using fluoridated toothpaste?” Don’t worry. We understand your sudden dilemma. We are also happy to provide you with all of the information you need (Hint: You’ll want to keep that fluoridated paste around!).

Who Does It Affect?

Good news for you! Fluorosis is a disorder that affects children. So, if you’re over the age of eight, you’re in good shape. Here’s why you don’t have to worry: This disorder is something that occurs not to teeth that have already fully developed and erupted. Instead, excessive consumption of fluoride affects teeth while they’re still nestled within gingival tissue and developing.

Why Fluoride Is Great

You may still wonder if fluoride is going to harm your smile in some other way, even though fluorosis isn’t something to feel concerned about for yourself anymore. Fortunately, as long as you’re using your fluoridated paste as directed, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. There are only benefits to be gained! Your teeth will have a much better time staying intact and steering clear of cavities. The one small detail? Don’t swallow or ingest your toothpaste. If you accidentally swallow a tiny bit, no problem. If you eat a bowlful … well … that’s when you’re looking at a possibly very severe stomach ache and a trip to the ER.

Protect Your Smile With Fluoride And Dental Visits

Don’t give up on the fluoride with your home care. Don’t forget to schedule six-month dental visits with us either! These are wonderful times to ask questions about issues like dental hygiene. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.