Month: April 2017

Ready For Your Cleaning?

Are you ready for your dental cleaning? Have you chosen a special outfit and remembered to check the date and time, so you don’t miss it? While the occasion certainly doesn’t require any sort of thoughtful wardrobe choices, it does actually require you to make some mindful decisions in other areas. Allow us to help… Read more »

Have Diabetes? Consider Important Questions.

If you have diabetes, then there are some questions you should be thinking about. If you’re unsure about any answers regarding your general health and how it applies to your oral health, remember that we are always more than pleased to help you sort out the details. As for some big picture ideas we hope… Read more »

John Mayer Concert

Have you long been a John Mayer fan? Perhaps you’ve recently gotten more into his music since his pop music sabbatical. Whatever the case, you’ll be thrilled to learn that he’s performing a concert near you with his John Mayer The Search For Everything tour.

Seasonal Allergies And Your Smile

Have you ever thought much about how your seasonal allergies might affect your smile health? If you answered, “No!” we are not surprised. When you’re reaching for tissues, trying to address itchy eyes, and are generally experiencing the miserable sensations that come with this affliction, the last thing you’re worried about is your oral health!… Read more »

Q&A Session: Cosmetic Dentistry Candidacy

Ah yes! As you learn about cosmetic dentistry, you find that you have access to a vast and exciting world of options to make your smile look more beautiful. However, when it comes to the “access” part of that realization, you may wonder if you can actually make use of treatments like whitening or if,… Read more »

3 Things To Keep At Work

There’s always that one day when the unexpected happens at work. You eat a very garlic-heavy lunch and then end up having to meet with a client you hadn’t planned on sitting so close to. You get food stuck between your teeth and there’s no getting it out with your tongue. The fire alarm goes… Read more »

It’s Large Item Pick-Up Time!

Do you have a large item in your home or yard that you can’t exactly fit into your trash bin? It’s not the sort of thing you donate to a thrift store. You’ve asked around and nobody needs it. If so, you’ll be thrilled to find out Large Item Pick-Up day is on its way!… Read more »

Easter Candy: Suggestions To Keep Smiles Safe

When you think back to being a kid, you may remember consuming a basket full of candy with reckless abandon (and perhaps throughout what seemed like the entire day) once Easter rolled around. Now, whether you’re still indulging in these holiday treats or if you’re looking on as your child does so, your nostalgia includes… Read more »

Spinach Smile Q&A: Why So Funny Feeling?

What’s the first thing you notice after you eat spinach? Is it that your muscles grow to ten times the size like Popeye? Nope? Perhaps you immediately notice that your teeth feel extremely funny. Sort of as if they’ve been coated with chalk or some other not-at-all-slick substance. If so, you might start wondering if… Read more »

Puffy Gums: 3 Things To Ask Yourself

Nobody likes looking in the mirror and seeing puffy gums. This is true whether the inflamed appearance is a natural issue, the result of disease, or irritation. The good news is that we offer gum contouring to address cosmetic concerns and we can help address your smile if your gums are inflamed from bacteria. Fortunately,… Read more »