Seasonal Allergies And Your Smile

Have you ever thought much about how your seasonal allergies might affect your smile health? If you answered, “No!” we are not surprised. When you’re reaching for tissues, trying to address itchy eyes, and are generally experiencing the miserable sensations that come with this affliction, the last thing you’re worried about is your oral health! However, if you were looking for additional motivation to get your allergies under control, we’ve certainly got some fuel for the fire. Learn more … it just might surprise you.

Watch Out For Dry Mouth

Let’s take a quick walk through what happens when you suffer from allergies. Well, a lot happens. The major problem: Congestion. If you can’t really breathe through your nose or, you can but your nose is running so much (and you’re sneezing so often) that it’s more comfortable to breathe through your mouth, then you may develop dry mouth. Mouth breathing is also quite common while you’re sleeping. The problem? The dried mouth tissues that occur due to air exposure and dried saliva can encourage decay, gingivitis, and bad breath (it’s because bacteria build up instead of getting washed away, which is bad for your smile health). Clear up that congestion (and you’ll see results).

Don’t Panic Over Tooth Pain

If you experience serious congestion and sinus pressure and your teeth hurt, you might spend a moment recognizing a potential connection between the two. Your smile health may be just fine but the pressure is making your teeth feel uncomfortable. If the problem eases as your allergies ease, perfect. If not, come talk with us about whether early decay or other problems are developing.

Stop Seasonal Allergies For Healthy Smiles

Don’t let seasonal allergies get in the way of your oral health. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.