Month: April 2017

ADA Quiz: What Do You Know?

The moment you begin investigating anything to do with choosing products for your oral health or making decisions for your smile, you will generally find that the ADA is mentioned. Whether this organization gives its figurative thumbs up or if it does not support something seems to carry quite a lot of weight. Unfortunately, if… Read more »

Sores And Cuts: How To Avoid Making Them Worse

When you are dealing with some minor irritation in your mouth, such as a canker sore, abrasion, or small cut, you might find that eating is not as easy as it usually is. Instead, just the simple act of chewing may aggravate your wound, making it painful and frustrating to get through a snack or… Read more »

Time For A Styx Concert!

Are you a Styx fan? Don’t think you can make it through life without another chance to hear your rock favorites from the 70s and 80s live and on stage? No problem. Grab your tickets soon for the upcoming Styx concert!

Can I Avoid An Extraction?

When you know that you may need a dental extraction, a simple question might pass through your head: “Can I ever avoid an extraction?” The answer isn’t a yes or no. Instead, it all depends on the particular circumstances and the path that leads you toward this final determination. To help you better understand whether… Read more »

Q&A: What’s With My Tongue?

When something changes with the way your tongue looks or feels, it can be a little bit alarming. Your worry may become twofold when you realize you have no idea why these changes have occurred or what they mean. Of course, our first suggestion is always for you to come in. Talk with us during… Read more »

The Most Important Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

The best dental treatments are the ones you can’t see, and when you have a cavity, that means choosing a tooth-colored filling to treat it. Compared to older, more traditional metal fillings, the tooth-colored variety offer a number of different advantages, from the way they look to how well they protect your teeth from further… Read more »

Toothpaste Q&A: How Much…?

When you’re standing in front of the mirror with your toothbrush in one hand and your toothpaste in the other, do you ever hesitate? Do you squeeze some out onto the bristles and then wonder if it’s the right amount, too little, or too much? Perhaps you’re uncertain about other details regarding your paste use… Read more »

1st Annual Doggie Dash  

Do you often wish you could bring your pooch along with you to … well … just about everything? If so, you will be thrilled about the upcoming Doggie Dash event that is specially created just for pups and their owners!

Choosing A Crown: Q&A

You might not have many reservations about the act of receiving a dental crown on its own. However, you may wonder a lot about why we’ve chosen a crown for you, what you can expect, whether it’s going to be a white crown or a metal crown, and more. We’d love to get you started… Read more »

4 Things We Address With Dental Contouring

If you’re looking through the cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer and you have a pretty good idea of what you’re hoping to accomplish, which option catches your eye? If you’re a patient looking for some way to remove tooth tissue to arrive at a more beautiful smile, dental contouring may offer benefits you’re hoping to… Read more »