Easter Candy: Suggestions To Keep Smiles Safe

When you think back to being a kid, you may remember consuming a basket full of candy with reckless abandon (and perhaps throughout what seemed like the entire day) once Easter rolled around. Now, whether you’re still indulging in these holiday treats or if you’re looking on as your child does so, your nostalgia includes a sprinkling of horror: All of that sugar! Isn’t tooth decay a sure thing after an indulgence such as that? Fortunately, we can help protect everyone’s oral health with some suggestions that won’t spoil your celebration.

Suggestion: Eat The Candy In One Sitting

If you’ve ever talked with us about sugar and its ability to promote oral health problems, you know that eating it all day long is not a good idea. While it’s best not to eat it at all, that might not be a very realistic option for Easter. Instead, plan on eating candy in a single sitting. Then, rinse with water, brush your teeth, and you’re in good shape.

Suggestion: Skip The Jelly Beans, Etc.

When you have a choice between different types of treats, some are less harmful than others. Grabbing a hollow chocolate bunny is good. Reaching for anything that’s super sticky, hard, or chewy will coat your teeth and can lead to damage like chips or dismantled dental work. Skip the jelly beans and opt instead for something else.

Suggestion: Carry Water And Sugarless Gum

If you know you’re going to be indulging when you’re out and about (and won’t be able to brush), tote water along with you (and some sugarless chewing gum, as well). Rinsing and chewing after the treat will help protect your oral health by removing sugars.

Keep Smiles Safe All Year Long

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