3 Things To Keep At Work

There’s always that one day when the unexpected happens at work. You eat a very garlic-heavy lunch and then end up having to meet with a client you hadn’t planned on sitting so close to. You get food stuck between your teeth and there’s no getting it out with your tongue. The fire alarm goes off, it’s a sunny day, and your lips are already chapped. Whatever the case, we can help you prepare for oral health emergencies with a few items to keep in your desk drawer.

#1: SPF Lip Balm

It’s always a wonderful idea for your oral health to keep SPF lip balm on hand. Avoid accidentally leaving it at home or in a different bag by keeping in it your desk drawer. As a result, if you end up participating in an outdoor event, heading outdoors due to a fire alarm, or anything else, you can avoid sun damage (which can contribute to lip cancer) by slathering it on quickly before you exit the building.

#2: Dental Hygiene Items

About that smelly lunch you end up eating (and then finding you need to speak with your boss or a client) … don’t let it get the best of you. Protect your reputation and your oral health by keeping a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand. When the moment presents itself, you can brush and refresh your mouth. Keeping floss in your drawer will also be such a relief if you get food stuck between teeth.

#3: Sugarless Chewing Gum

Maybe the idea of brushing your teeth at your workplace just sounds out of the question! Perhaps you just don’t have time. The second best option (in addition to drinking water to remove food particles and bacteria)? Sugarless chewing gum.

Get Tips For Protecting Your Smile At Work

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