Choosing A Crown: Q&A

You might not have many reservations about the act of receiving a dental crown on its own. However, you may wonder a lot about why we’ve chosen a crown for you, what you can expect, whether it’s going to be a white crown or a metal crown, and more. We’d love to get you started off on the right foot with questions and answers. As for additional questions or concerns, please direct them to us during your next visit!

Questions and Answers

Question: How do you end up deciding that I need a dental crown and not some other restorative treatment like a dental filling?

Answer: We choose a crown when other treatments like fillings will not sufficiently address your needs, when more extreme measures are not yet necessary (such as extraction), and when your tooth requires protection and improved structural stability.

Question: How do you select a material from among the options you offer, including porcelain, metal, PFM, and zirconia? Do I have any input in this decision?

Answer: It’s a collaborative effort. We consider the placement of the tooth, the visibility, the amount of pressure it incurs every day, your budget, and your preferences.

Question: Why might you suggest a dental crown for me if I come to you for cosmetic dentistry, not restorative care?

Answer: In some instances, very serious discoloration or esthetic damage that is too challenging to remove or too apparent to camouflage with a porcelain veneer is best addressed with a crown. It will offer you the comprehensive yet natural-looking coverage you’re seeking.

See Us For A Crown To Save Your Smile

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