Category: General Dentistry

What Is Important to Know About General Dentistry?

While we do offer many specialties here at the office, we also provide great general dentistry services, as well. The most important information to know about general dentistry is surprisingly easy to understand for the average patient. With a few simple facts and a couple of very doable suggestions, anybody can be well-informed about the… Read more »

Recognizing Dental Risks

One responsibility you have in your effort to protect your teeth and gums is to recognize the dental risks you face, and respond to them. You are not alone in your efforts. During regular checkups with your dentist, you can have potential issues spotted in an examination, and talk to your dentist about issues that… Read more »

OraVerse Can Offer Speedier Recovery From Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic makes it possible to receive involved dental care with minimized discomfort. While this can make it easier to undergo important procedures, it can mean leaving a procedure while still experiencing numbness in your mouth. This can lead to embarrassing problems, like slurred speech and drooling. It can also cause you to bite… Read more »

What Happens When You Wait To Treat Oral Health Problems

One of the advantages of scheduling routine checkups is that your dentist can spot the onset of an oral health issue, even if it has not started to cause symptoms. Early detection can lead to less invasive treatments, and can stop a problem before it becomes painful. However, if you do not make regular visits… Read more »