We’re Interested In Your Comfort

dent-apptThere are several reasons to avoid your dentist appointments. You may not want to take time off from work. You may not want to fight the traffic. You may not want to incur the expense. You may suffer from dental fear and/or anxiety. You may simply dislike going to the dentist, or you may dread the hours after a procedure of not being able to feel your face! Because we are interested in your comfort, and because we do not want you to skip your appointments for the sake of your oral health and your overall health, we try to think of everything.

We Try Our Darndest

We know how important your oral health is. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy not only helps avoid future dental treatments, visits, and expense, maintaining your oral health also helps you to maintain your overall health, and that is very important.  So if you are skipping your dental appointments for any of the above reasons, here is what we can do for you:

You don’t want to take time off from work/don’t want to fight traffic: We can help you schedule a convenient time for your appointment that may not take you away from work, and may help you avoid the stresses of fighting traffic.

You don’t want to incur the expense: We realize that dental treatment can sometimes be expensive. That is why we offer a variety of payment options. We take cash, check, credit, CareCredit financing, and some forms of insurance.

You suffer from dental fear/anxiety: We offer dental sedation including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

You simply dislike going to the dentist: Not only are we kind, gentle, and friendly, we offer the following amenities to keep you comfortable, relaxed, and entertained: Wi-Fi, the most recent issues of popular magazines, blankets and pillows.

You dread not being able to feel your face after a procedure: We offer OraVerse to reverse the numbness in your upper and/or lower lips in as little as one to two hours.

For more information on OraVerse, check out our next blog!