Month: December 2022

Kicking Off 2023 With Clear Aligners

If you want to start the year making progress toward an important goal, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help. Our practice provides different services that focus on making cosmetic smile improvements. One approach to care we can offer relies on a set of clear aligners to make changes by correcting the poor positioning of… Read more »

TMJ Treatment For Your Jaw Pain

There are different warning signs of poor oral health you should keep watch for if you want to stay on top of your overall well-being. Not all of these problems directly target your teeth. The discomfort you feel in your face and jaw can also be linked to problems that should be discussed with your… Read more »

Lumineers And Your Smile Goals

Are you entering the new year with goals that concern your smile? If you are interested in fixing the flaws that hold it back from looking its best, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can help. Our practice offers different services that take on different matters like discoloration, damage, poor spacing, and more that can make… Read more »

Is Tooth Pain An Urgent Problem?

Tooth pain can be a nuisance, and it can also be a warning that something is seriously wrong with your oral health. The onset of pain can be concerning. As the problem continues, or if you experience worsening pain, you could be dealing with an infection that will continue to worsen and create concerns over… Read more »

Using Esthetically Pleasing Clear Aligners

Choosing to begin orthodontic treatment can mean finally taking on a problem with poor teeth spacing. You can change your smile for the better, and you can also make important oral health improvements. What you might not realize is that you can see these outcomes without having to wear conspicuous metal braces, making the procedure… Read more »

Can You Make Your Smile Brighter At Home?

Having the ability to brighten your teeth on your schedule can make a store bought whitening kit look attractive to you. What you can find is that these kinds of kits, while accessible, can still let you down by producing limited changes. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can provide an alternative form… Read more »

Prioritize Care For A Broken Restoration

If your tooth is chipped, cracked, or made vulnerable in another way, you can see the need for emergency dental work. What you can be less clear on is the need to prioritize care when a restoration is damaged. A problem with a crown that is loose or broken, or with a filling that is… Read more »

What You Can Do About A Smile Gap

If a gap exists between your teeth, it can be harder for you to show off a smile that makes you confident. Even a small amount of excess space can be unflattering. Fortunately, there are many people who can qualify for a treatment that closes this kind of spacing problem without requiring metal braces. Instead,… Read more »

How Your Crown Supports Your Bite

A dental crown needs to keep the tooth it caps safe from harm. It does this by fully covering it above the gumline and absorbing bite pressure on its behalf. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can see to it that you have a restoration that offers this kind of support so that… Read more »

Are You Prepared For A Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be a sudden and certainly unwelcome development, one that disrupts your day and threatens your smile. While it can be hard to avoid some stress when you experience a problem like this, you can find it easier to manage when you know that the right treatment is readily available. Our Prairie… Read more »