Month: November 2020

Treatment Options For Patients Who Are Missing Teeth

Tooth loss can cause many issues over time, but it is important to acknowledge that unaddressed gaps can actually make the loss of other teeth more likely Simply put, the teeth at either side of a gap in your smile have less natural support, and that means they are more likely to shift or move… Read more »

3 Holiday-Related Smile Concerns To Watch Out For

While people tend to look forward to the start of the holiday season, there are a few potential oral health risks that you should look out for at this time of year. No matter how casual your plans are for the holidays, you can experience changes in your routine and diet that may make you… Read more »

What Can A Dental Visit Tell You About Your Discoloration?

You keep up with a good brushing and flossing routine and maintain a cavity-free smile. While you are happy to have healthy teeth, you can become increasingly concerned by changes in their color. How can you effectively fight discoloration when a consistent routine proves ineffective? Unfortunately, it is difficult to completely avoid the different products… Read more »

These Actions Can Protect You Against Gingivitis

If your goal is to fully protect your smile against the different threats you are up against, you need to think about your periodontal health. When gum disease first forms, problems with gingivitis can lead to worrying problems like tissue swelling and discoloration, gum tissues that bleed easily, and even problems with a change in… Read more »

Fixing Smile Asymmetry Through Tooth Bonding And Contouring

Do the sides of your smile match? When people think about what issues hurt their appearance, they often highlight specific flaws. That can mean pointing out a chipped or cracked tooth; discussing concerns about dental discoloration; or identifying problems with misaligned teeth. What many of these issues do is cause a person’s smile to look… Read more »

Requesting And Receiving A Tooth-Colored Dental Crown

When your tooth requires more protection than your dentist can give it with a dental filling, a dental crown will have to be put in place. Crowns require more preparatory work than fillings, and they also take up more space. What you gain from having a crown placed is protection for teeth that are hurt… Read more »

You Can Have A Tooth Restored With A Discreet Filling

If you need to do something about tooth decay, you may worry that the only treatment options open to you are going to permanently affect your smile. What you can discover is that the right restoration is actually able to restore your tooth while still preserving the way it looks. Our dental office in Prairie… Read more »

3 Things Patients Ought To Know About Tooth Decay

Are you as concerned as you should be about tooth decay? While cavity troubles are hardly something that patients look forward to, their approach to preventing dental problems may not be as consistent or effective as it should be. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can do more than just provide restorative dental work if something… Read more »

Issues With Stress Management Can Lead To Bruxism

When people have a harder time managing their stress levels, the negative feelings they experience can make them vulnerable to problems with teeth grinding or clenching. If you start to grind or clench at night, you can be vulnerable to some potentially serious oral health consequences. This issue, known as bruxism, can lead to enamel… Read more »

3 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Clean Smile

Our teeth face a persistent threat from oral bacteria, one that is made worse when we fail to practice good oral hygiene habits. Because brushing and flossing are such an ingrained part of many people’s lives, they sometimes have trouble recognizing shortcomings in how they approach these tasks. Poor habits, along with a lack of… Read more »