These Actions Can Protect You Against Gingivitis

If your goal is to fully protect your smile against the different threats you are up against, you need to think about your periodontal health. When gum disease first forms, problems with gingivitis can lead to worrying problems like tissue swelling and discoloration, gum tissues that bleed easily, and even problems with a change in your gum line. This condition can worsen over time if you do not address gingivitis properly. If this occurs, the infection can become difficult to manage, and it will raise your risk for losing teeth! Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can help you maintain habits that lower your risk for gum disease. If you show signs of gingivitis at a routine dental exam, we can help by providing an ultrasonic scaling.

Effective Daily Oral Hygiene Habits

The first line of defense placed between your smile and gum disease is your daily oral hygiene routine. If you want to avoid gingivitis, you should make an effort to thoroughly clean your teeth at your gum line whenever you brush and floss. Problems with infection occur when plaque and tartar build up at the base of your teeth. Once tartar deposits have formed, they will remain in place until your next teeth cleaning, which makes an infection more difficult to avoid.

Preventive Teeth Cleanings

At every routine teeth cleaning, plaque and tartar deposits that are present on your gum line will be cleaned away by your hygienist. These cleanings protect your teeth and your gums. Just as they reduce your risk for trouble with dental decay that will require dental fillings or dental crowns, these services make you less likely to experience the formation of an infection that can affect your well-being.

Ultrasonic Scaling Can Address Active Issues With Gingivitis

When Dr. Browne evaluates your smile, he will check for any warning signs of gingivitis. Evidence of an infection can be addressed with an ultrasonic scaling. This is a cleaning that goes beyond the service performed during a typical cleaning. During the ultrasonic scaling, the portions of your teeth covered by your gum line will be cleaned. The ultrasonic tool can make the process of breaking away bacteria deposits more comfortable. By stopping an infection in this way, our practice can protect you against your condition worsening and becoming more difficult to treat.

Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist Can Help You Deal With Gingivitis

At our dental practice, Dr. Browne is prepared to help patients who are concerned about gingivitis, including those who are already showing signs of an infection. If you have questions about this condition, or about any other oral health issue, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585 to learn how treatment can help you.