3 Holiday-Related Smile Concerns To Watch Out For

While people tend to look forward to the start of the holiday season, there are a few potential oral health risks that you should look out for at this time of year. No matter how casual your plans are for the holidays, you can experience changes in your routine and diet that may make you vulnerable to problems that will call for restorative dental work. By making smart adjustments and paying attention to your routine, you can avoid trouble and keep your smile in good condition. Remember that if you do experience trouble with your smile or oral health, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help you.

1. Diet Changes That Increase Your Cavity Risk

People often indulge in seasonal treats during the holiday season that will impact their risk for tooth decay. At a holiday gathering, you can feel the pull of temptation as you eye the assortment of desserts that have been placed out. Even if you stick to small celebrations at home this year, you can indulge by baking some popular and festive treats to enjoy. Make sure this does not lead to too much of a spike in your sugar intake – in addition to negatively affecting your overall health, this can cause you to be more prone to the formation of cavities! Drinking water at gatherings can help you wash away debris and stay hydrated, which will help you resist cavities. You should also cut back on sugar in other aspects of your life to offset this change in your habits.

2. A Break In Your Routine That Affects Your Oral Hygiene Habits

While travel can be a big routine disruptor, small changes like time off from work, or time when your kids are home from school, can intrude on your typical routine. Individuals who let those changes disrupt their oral hygiene habits can be more likely to experience cavities and problems with gum disease because of plaque and tartar buildup. No matter what you have going on this holiday season, you should be committed to caring for your smile on a daily basis, and exercising the kind of care you can count on to stop plaque and tartar from forming between appointments.

3. A Hectic Schedule That Makes You Think You Have No Time For A Dental Visit

If you are due for your next routine dental exam, or if you start to think that something might be wrong with your oral health, you should make plans to see your dentist. Letting oral health concerns go simply because an appointment feels inconvenient can lead to complications that ultimately demand more restorative services.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help Patients Stay On Top Of Their Oral Health Concerns

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