3 Things Patients Ought To Know About Tooth Decay

Are you as concerned as you should be about tooth decay? While cavity troubles are hardly something that patients look forward to, their approach to preventing dental problems may not be as consistent or effective as it should be. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist can do more than just provide restorative dental work if something goes wrong with your dental health. Through regularly scheduled dental checkups, you receive care that can actually make you less likely to struggle with decay. This is important, as the formation of a cavity leads to permanent enamel damage even when the problem is caught early.

1. A Cavity Will Keep Growing Worse Until You Have It Treated

Ignoring the symptoms of dental decay, or choosing to put off cavity treatment because you feel uncomfortable with restorative dentistry, leaves you vulnerable to more oral health problems. A cavity will continue to grow until you schedule the appropriate treatment. If it becomes large enough to let bacteria through your enamel and into your pulp, your dentist will have to perform root canal therapy to address the matter. For patients who try to avoid restorative care because of a fear of discomfort, we can recommend dental sedation to make time in the dentist’s chair easier.

2. The Size Of Your Cavity Will Affect Your Treatment

Because decay causes permanent damage to your tooth structure, you will have to have a restoration put in place to restore your tooth. The type of restoration you receive will depend on how large your cavity is at the time of treatment. A small cavity can be restored with a dental filling. Fillings only take up the space where a cavity had to be removed, leaving the surrounding tooth structure alone. When a cavity is too large for a filling, the tooth must be modified to make space for a dental crown. Crowns completely envelop teeth above the gum line, which makes it possible for them to absorb bite pressure on that tooth’s behalf.

3. Tartar Buildup Can Make You More Vulnerable To Tooth Decay

You know a trip to the dentist can lead to the restoration of a tooth affected by decay. What you should recognize is that routine dental checkups make it less likely you will have a cavity in the future. As part of every checkup, your teeth will be cleaned by your hygienist. These cleanings remove tartar buildup, something you are not able to do with your toothbrush and floss.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Tooth Decay Treatment

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