Month: September 2020

Different Issues We Can Address Through Dental Bonding

Will a dental bonding and contouring procedure fix the problem – or problems – that you have with your appearance? Because these services only make conservative changes to a tooth’s structure, you may worry that you will not see the results you want from treatment. What you should know is that these treatments have helped… Read more »

Learn The Benefits Of Cosmetic Work With Porcelain Veneers

Have you put off a consultation for cosmetic dental treatment because you worry that treatment will not provide the results you want? Some patients feel that even if their dentist could address all of their smile flaws, the process of making all of those changes could be time-consuming and difficult. What you should know is that… Read more »

Can I Have A Cavity Restored Without A Root Canal?

A root canal procedure can save a tooth that faces a serious threat from advanced dental decay. When cavities continue to grow and go untreated, the spread of bacteria can lead to an internal infection that causes pain and threatens to cost you your tooth! Root canals are performed to deal with infection so that… Read more »

What Your Dentist Can Do To Address Damage From Bruxism

You can do more harm by grinding your teeth than you might realize. At first, a problem with nightly teeth grinding, often known as bruxism, can cause discomfort when you wake up. You may feel pain or stiffness in your jaw, or find that your teeth are sore. If the discomfort you feel begins to… Read more »

Gum Disease Can Become A Significant Problem Over Time

If you are not taking good care of your gums, you can put yourself at risk for more significant oral health issues – and general health issues – than you might realize. At first, an infection of your tissues results in gingivitis. This can lead to some early warning signs of trouble like bleeding tissues,… Read more »

Is It Time To Change Your Brushing And Flossing Routine?

How confident are you in your current brushing and flossing routine? Have your daily practices kept you safe against oral health problems, or have you had recent issues that required restorative dental work? At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can do more than just help patients protect their teeth during preventive dental exams…. Read more »

A Dental Bridge Can Make Your Smile Complete Again

A person who has experienced tooth loss can quickly grow tired of the impact that this oral health problem has on their daily life. Difficulties with biting and chewing can be a source of frustration, and it can be hard to smile or speak with confidence if you think people can see a gap between… Read more »

Dealing With Frustrations Related To Dental Discoloration

Your work to keep your smile healthy is important. Unfortunately, people who develop problems with dental discoloration can become frustrated by the condition of their teeth even if they do a good job preventing decay. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can talk with patients who have grown frustrated because their smile appears… Read more »

Have You Been Putting Off A Routine Dental Appointment?

If you have gone more than six months without a dental checkup, you should take care to book your next one. Unless you are told by your dentist to follow a different timeline, you should be consistent with semiannual dental exams. When you stay on top of this routine, you receive consistent protection against problems… Read more »

What To Expect After Your Dental Crown Is Placed

Before a dental crown is placed, your problem tooth can be a source of discomfort, and it can interfere with your ability to bite and chew. Crowns are used to restore teeth that are injured, as well as those that are affected by cavities too severe for treatment with dental fillings. At our Prairie Village,… Read more »