Can I Have A Cavity Restored Without A Root Canal?

A root canal procedure can save a tooth that faces a serious threat from advanced dental decay. When cavities continue to grow and go untreated, the spread of bacteria can lead to an internal infection that causes pain and threatens to cost you your tooth! Root canals are performed to deal with infection so that your tooth can be restored and preserved. While access to root canal therapy is beneficial, you should know that this treatment is not always necessary if you have a cavity. If you respond in time to signs of decay, your tooth can be restored with a dental filling. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is ready to provide root canal therapy, but we can also warn you about decay during a dental checkup and treat it before this procedure is needed.

Why Root Canals Are Only Performed For Some Cavities

A cavity only calls for root canal treatment when bacteria reach the tooth’s pulp. If that happens, you can experience some worrying symptoms. You can feel pain and sensitivity in your tooth, see changes to its color, and even observe swelling in your gum tissues because of infection. Until root canal therapy is performed, these problems will worsen, and ultimately your tooth can be lost if you wait too long to have work done.

Arranging Root Canal Therapy

If an evaluation of your tooth shows that an infection has formed, we can schedule root canal therapy for you. In addition to using anesthetic to avoid discomfort, we do offer dental sedation for patients who feel nervous about treatment. After you are properly prepared, your dentist will carefully access the tooth’s pulp so that bacteria and infected tissues can be removed. Once this happens, and the tooth is properly sealed, a dental crown will be put on the tooth for its protection.

Stay Consistent With Checkups To Avoid Root Canal Therapy

By staying consistent with regular dental exams, you can receive warnings about tooth decay before an infection occurs. That means you can have your tooth restored with a dental filling after a small cavity is removed and avoid a more involved treatment. The dental fillings that we use at our practice are tooth-colored, so this procedure will not change the way you look. With consistent preventive care at home and at our practice, you can have an easier time avoiding problems with cavities and avoid restorative dental work altogether!

Schedule Cavity Treatment With Dr. Browne!

If it is necessary for the treatment of your tooth, Dr. Browne is ready to perform a root canal. With that said, we can also alert patients to problems with decay before this service is needed, which means you avoid discomfort and preserve more of your healthy tooth structure! To find out more, contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.