Month: April 2020

Reasons To Pay Attention To Your Periodontal Health

If you do what is necessary to prevent the formation of cavities, you have no oral health concerns to worry about…right? Proper oral health care should address more than your teeth – you also want to provide protection for your gums. Fortunately, these tissues can be effectively protected through your regular brushing and flossing practices…. Read more »

Signs Of Poor Oral Health That You Can Identify

Will you be able to identify a possible problem with your dental health before you require restorative dental work? Some problems can escape your notice, which is why consistent oral health care is important. By being diligent about brushing and flossing, and also taking care to eat and drink healthier items, you can have an… Read more »

3 Smart Choices To Make If You Want To Avoid Cavities

Are you looking forward to an opportunity to have a cavity removed from a tooth? While your Prairie Village, KS dentist can make the process of restorative dental work easier than you might think possible, it is fair to assume that no one looks forward to having dental work done. With that said, many people… Read more »

Can’t Wait For Treatment? Arrange Emergency Dental Work

It can be understandably difficult to patiently wait for a dental appointment when you have a tooth that is broken, lost, or in considerable pain. Sometimes, part of properly caring for a patient means making their treatment a priority. At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can arrange an emergency dental procedure for you… Read more »

Make Sure Your Continue To Fight Plaque And Tartar Buildup

Consistency can be key when you want to protect your smile from problems like tooth decay and gum disease. From one day to the next, you should practice good brushing and flossing habits. By doing so, you are able to effectively clear away oral bacteria and remnants of food on your teeth before plaque deposits… Read more »

Identifying The Symptoms Of An Advanced Cavity

If a cavity forms on your tooth, the damage it ultimately does will depend on when you arrange restorative dental work. Patients who schedule treatment for tooth decay soon after a cavity develops can have work done with a dental filling to address the problem. Unfortunately, you may not realize that a cavity has formed… Read more »

Can Bad Breath Be Connected To An Oral Health Issue?

Having a mint handy can help you combat one instance of bad breath. However, it may not help you deal with the concerning frequency of your halitosis. Why do you often have breath issues that make you self-conscious? Is this a sign that something is wrong with your oral health? Frequent problems with bad breath… Read more »

What Should You Expect From A Custom Dental Crown?

It is important to provide the right dental crown for a patient who has undergone restorative dental work. This is a permanent restoration, as your tooth will always require support after a procedure has been performed. Once the crown is in place, it helps to prevent future infections, and it can make biting and chewing… Read more »

Tips To Help You Care For Your Smile Each Morning

Early risers and the forever sleep-deprived can have vastly different experiences during what they would call a “typical” morning. For some, the beginning of the day is a pleasant and relaxing time, while others find themselves rushing through it in order to stay on a schedule. No matter what your usual morning looks like, it… Read more »

Prevent Gingivitis With A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Every time you clean your teeth, you remove oral bacteria that can gather and spread throughout each day. This is important for fighting cavities, as harmful bacteria can release acids that cause cavities to form. Your efforts to care for your smile will also help you protect your gums…as long as you are practicing good… Read more »